Electronic Billing KSEF  –  Our engine for the electronic invoicing

Our electronic invoicing platform


      • Realtime invoicing due to API
      • Scalable
      • Tested for high and low volumes
      • Ready and Easy to use
      • Monitoring with dashboard


      • AWS Data Center
      • TIER 3 Infrastructure security


      • Connected with KSEF
      • Compliant with EU regulation

To support our customer throw this new regulation technology, we build a dedicated team for helping them solve any problems with the e-invoicing, suggesting the best way to improve their e-billing and keep them updated to the latest regulation evolutions!

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HQ in Intraco I

NETWORK In the Clouds of Warsaw: MC Polska Revolutionizes Digitization  A journey in the iconic Intraco I and our commitment to lead the digital transformationWelcome to our headquarters in the...

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e-Invoicing in Italy

COMPLIANCE E-Invoicing in Italy The evolution of e-Invoicing in Italy from the beginning to nowadays The before the GO-live date and the process e-Invoicing in Italy has come a long way, evolving...

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flash news

COMPLIANCE 📣 FLASH NEWS The second version of the electronic invoice logical structure, FA(2), has been released! 🚀Previously... As you may have already read in previous articles, the first version...

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E-invoicing in the EU

COMPLIANCE E-invoicing in the EU How the EU is adapting VAT rules to the needs of taxpayers in the digital age and what it means for businesses and for the fight against tax fraud. The case of...

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Warning: about sanctions

COMPLIANCE Warning: about sanctions What happens if i'll not be ready for 01/07/2024?Effective date of mandatory e-invoicing Starting July 1, 2024, taxpayers will be required to issue structured...

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What’s new on Draft’s Law 15/03/23?

COMPLIANCE What's new on Draft's Law 15/03/23? Ongoing changes and modifications to the e-invoicing systemGeneral rules for issuing, receiving and accessing structured invoices On 15 March 2023, the...

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Mc polska* is live!

NETWORK Announcement!!! We are trilled to shout the birth of MC POLSKA!A reality with wide expertise A platform with strong, tested and certified capabilities A compliant way to do e-InvoicingTo...

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GUIDE 101 to e-invoicing

COMPLIANCE GUIDE 101 for electronic invoicing Everything you should know about electronic invoicingGeneral rules for issuing, receiving and accessing structured invoices Structured invoices are...

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MC POLSKA* is part of a European Network called MENOCARTA that offers consulting in RegTech and Digital Transformation by being compliant with regulations and guiding the digital transformation of your company, through technologically managed processes and documents with the possibility of taking advantage of our outsourced services.