We are trilled to shout the birth of MC POLSKA!

A reality with wide expertise

A platform with strong, tested and certified capabilities

A compliant way to do e-Invoicing

To start

Starting from the basement Mc Polska is an idea, take the italian experience in electronic invoicing in Poland! Quite simple right? Quite copiable? Quite …? an idea that probably had also other companies in the polish country.

Well, that’s NOT correct!

Mc Polska (MC for friends) is a new company, with operational headquarters in Szczuczyn and management headquarters in Warsaw, governed by a network of companies that have been operating in the digital field for several years, interfacing with both national and international realities.

MC is a multidisciplinary team of experts of excellences: programmers, lawyers, digital experts, project managers and more. Skills extend into the largest areas of digital transformation to accompany companies in this new, fast changing context.

MC is a trend setter of e-invoicing, due to our previous experience we can anticipate the needs of the customer, give them tested and certified solution ready to use, adapt to regulatory changes in a timely manner and limit any errors caused by companies’ inexperience, advise and help building their best strategy to improve the accountability process.

We use the best technology and know-how to ensure an efficient user experience; also, we are able to anticipate market needs, adapt to regulatory changes in a timely manner and limit any errors caused by companies’ inexperience in this theme.


”We are conscious that the service offered is a hot topic and the solutions proposed on the market are varied, but we are absolutely convinced of the potential and professionalism of our eBK platform and the additional services associated with it. We are looking for business partners who interface directly with end customers, business people who are enthusiastic about being part of this innovation and who want to feel part of this ongoing revolution”  –  Marcin Ciarkowski, Managing Director of Mc Polska

To be

Certainly, digital has increased exponentially in recent years, both on the development and user side. Electronic invoicing is an initial approach to corporate digitisation that affects the entire Polish market without distinction, from those with an innovator’s temperament to the most conservative. 

We expect that once this first step has been metabolized, the need for technology in the company will be an essential prerogative, and it’s thanks to the network that we are ready to provide solutions for every need.

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